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How to Start a Blog on a Cheap Budget in 2018!

Get your blog up and running without breaking the bank

You’ve finally decided to be a blogger? CONGRATS!! Let me tell you, it’s the best decision you’ll ever make. It was for me at least. Not that long ago, I was newbie blogger so I know exactly the feeling you’re having. You’re either excited and can’t wait to publish your first post, OR you’re scared as hell because you don’t even know where to start. Am I right so far? Most likely.


So, you’re ready to start your new blogging journey…


How to Write a Money Making E-Book

Have you ever wondered how is it that your favorite bloggers are making over $100,000 a year or maybe even a month and you’re stuck with making under $100? It’s intimidating, isn’t it?


You may say to yourself how if you were making that much, you’d be able to buy that brand new car, purchase your dream house, be able to stay home with family or go out with friends, even leave to go travel all over the world.


But, who says you can’t do it too? You can make just as much as they can. I know you’re probably saying to yourself omg not another inspirational post, but really it’s not. I’m just telling you what it is.


You can make $5, $10, $50, $300, $500, $1000 even. There are so many free and paid resources you can use to make this happen on your own.


Are you asking yourself who am I to tell you what you can do when I don’t even know you? Easy. I’m the girl that just turned a $20 income to $300 in two weeks. That’s who I am.

Easy E-Book Evolution! The ultimate guide to writing an ebook in less than a week!

I was feeling the EXACT same way you were for months, maybe even worse. I had two hard breakdowns crying because I was only making $20 in exchange for long days and even longer nights between cooking, cleaning, working through nap time, and everything else.


I was spending countless amounts of money I DIDN’T have, investing in courses and ebooks to better myself and grow my business. Some of those strategies worked, others failed horribly.


Last month, I finally saw the fruits of my labor when I got that first email notification. I had made an affiliate sale for $10. No big deal right? A little time after, I received another email about an affiliate sale. This one was for $13.Made over $20 so I saw a small bit of progress…..until around late that night.


I started getting back to back emails of affiliate sales. $10, $10, $0.33, $8.75. I ended up with a total of 10 emails in one night making $100 in that one day. I was ecstatic, but then the next 3-5 emails made a significant change. Below is an unedited screenshot collage of my GMAIL account of notifications for sales I made in July. This isn’t even the full month’s notifications!



I was able to pre-sell my ebook right after I had just posted the sales page. I hosted a secret ebook pre-sell as an experiment to see if it would work for me after seeing so many others do it. I wasn’t expecting to make anything, but within the first few minutes, I pre-sold it for $40!


I proved to myself that no matter what level of blogging you’re at, you can make money even when you’re doubting yourself. What is my ebook that made me $40 the first few minutes that I’m still getting PayPal notifications for? It’s called:


Easy e-book evolution



This 90-page ebook is the ULTIMATE guide combined with easy, step by step instructions and tutorials to walk you through the ENTIRE creative process to writing your money making ebook in a week or less!


This guide provides:

  • 10 ways to find a validated topic
  • 5 tips for content and outline creation
  • 5 tips for managing a writing schedule
  • 12 money making sales launch strategies
  • And BONUS tutorials on how to promote on multiple social media platforms


I was running a pre-sale for $10 at a limited time special (valued at $50+). Because it’s now live, it’s at the original price of $25. With the coupon code: $15OFF, it can be purchased at the pre-sale price. If you’d like to learn more, click here or the pic above. Below is a quick summary of all the chapters.



Chapter 1: Profitable Topic

This chapter gives you multiple resources of where to find ebook worthy topics that solves a popular problem among a big group of people. These resources include how to search within FaceBook groups, Pinterest, Quora, Amazon Kindle reviews, etc.


Chapter 2: Content Outline

Here, I will give you 5 tips and resources for multiple ways you can create a tailored outline and easily plug in your content. I provide different outline templates you can use for structuring your ebook.


Chapter 3: Time Management

This chapter focuses on step by step instructions as to how you can develop a writing schedule that fits into your day. Whether you’re a SAHM like me or someone who has a full-time, part-time job, this chapter will work for you. In it, are lists of questions to answer to help you create a doable schedule whenever you feel stuck.


Chapter 4: Ready. Set. Launch!

This may probably be your favorite chapter as it is mine! Listed are 12 strategies you can use to have a profitable sales launch! It doesn’t matter what blogging level you’re on, at least 3 of these strategies will work for you as it has for me.

Also, I am volunteering my services to where I will help you in your launch by promoting your ebook to my audience as well! We’ll be in your launch together so if you have any questions, you can always use my contact form or send me an email and we can work on it together!


Bonus Tutorials

In this bonus section, I include tutorials on how to shorten your links with and how to use them when promoting on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and Instagram. I also provide a walk through of how to navigate Canva when you’re ready to design your ebook graphics.



Throughout this ebook, I give over 5 resources per chapter. In Chapter 4,  I list over 10 resources per section of every launch strategy so you can take advantage of the information provided to help develop a launch strategy that works for you and your business.

I do note the specific launch strategies I have not tried. In those cases, I list as many resources as I can that are valuable to you so you won’t have to go searching through Pinterest or other platforms. They’ll be right there on the same page so you can refer back to the guide at any time!


Easy Ebook Evolution! The ultimate guide to writing a money making ebook in a week or less!


Easy E-Book Evolution is my heart. I worked day and night for 2 weeks making sure I had everything in place and ready for its live launch! I want my audience to know that when they decide to purchase any of MY products, they WILL receive an enormous amount of value.

I didn’t expect it to be 90 pages, but as long as I could fit in as much value and knowledge that will help someone and their business grow for the better, I’ll write a 200-page book and not even flinch if that means getting their money’s worth. Your happiness and growth mean as much to me as my own growth. We’re all trying to reach the same dreams so why not help each other reach it?

I’m here as proof to you and the world that you can make as much as your favorite blogger with dedication, persistence, faith, and take those low moments by turning them into fuel to reignite the fire that burns within you. I know it can be stressful.

I know it’s time that you just want to say forget it, I quit, I’ll just find a job, nothing I’m doing is working, what am I doing wrong, etc etc. Believe me when I say I’ve said every single word, phrase, sentence out there that sparks doubt in your mind that you have EVERYTHING it takes to be an entrepreneur and run a successful online business.

If I can do it, you can do it. The first step is to change your mindset. Do not believe those doubts and fears that rear its ugly head when you start getting upset and frustrated. You have to stay positive through those times and I promise you, you’ll see a change within yourself in your business.

To keep yourself accountable, join this group of loving and supporting women who are entrepreneurs just like us trying to live their dream life as well. When I found this group right after my breakdown, my life changed for the better. My spirits are high, my faith is constant, and I work smarter, not harder. If you don’t want to join another FB group, here’s a list of resources I used to keep positivity in my life on a daily basis.

Your turn! Tell me, what breakdowns, setbacks, etc have you overcome so far and have used to keep fighting every day to leave your mark on the world? What gave you your strength to keep going and not give up?



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Learn how to write a money making ebook in a week orless with Easy E-Book Evolution!

Learn How to Create an Ebook

You’re making little to no money at all

And it’s frustrating the hell out of you. You’re trying your hand at affiliate marketing, freelancing, sponsored posts, anything you can try to monetize your blog or website.

You feel like throwing in the towel, thinking that, “Maybe this isn’t for me” or “Idk what I was thinking.” You even contemplated going back into the corporate world!

In the middle of your pity party, you have a lightbulb moment…”I’ll create my own products.” You’re excited……feeling good….then….you’re sad again. Why?

Because now you’re saying, “I can’t, I’m not an expert in anything” or “Who’s going to listen to me.” You’re doubting yourself again. 


Can I tell you something? Like frfr, let me tell you a secret among bloggers that you probably don’t know.

How to Make An Affiliate Sale on Pinterest

Pinterest is the answer to EVERYTHING!

I know I am not the only blogger in the world to give Pinterest its praise. Pinterest is the new Google. It isn’t just a regular social media site because there’s really no communication. This is a bookmarking site of beautiful visuals that lead to great content from all over the world. Whether it be yoga for beginners or no bake cheesecake, whatever you need can be found here.  

It isn’t just a regular social media site because there’s really no communication. This is a bookmarking site of beautiful visuals that lead to great content from all over the world. Whether it be yoga for beginners or no bake cheesecake, whatever you need can be found here.  

Whether it be yoga for beginners or no bake cheesecake, whatever you need can be found here.  

Pinterest is a HUGE source of organic traffic. Organic traffic is traffic without any paid services such as ads. It is also great for bloggers and business owners.


We, as bloggers, learn from Pinterest to help us figure out what tools we need, mixed with our own strategies, to help you grow as well.  

Pinterest made it possible for us to share our content, products, and services to help you grow as a person and as a business.

Now that we know how Pinterest can help bloggers grow, let’s learn how to make an affiliate sale!

Here Are 3 Tricks to Affiliate Marketing!

(This post contains affiliate links. If you purchase through my links, I may earn a commission, but at no cost to you. I do not promote anything I don’t stand behind!)

Congrats! You’ve taken the first step to being an affiliate. Now it’s time to put those links to use and start making some money. Use these tricks to help you jump start your affiliate marketing strategy!