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You’ve finally decided to be a blogger? CONGRATS!! Let me tell you, it’s the best decision you’ll ever make. It was for me at least. Not that long ago, I was newbie blogger so I know exactly the feeling you’re having. You’re either excited and can’t wait to publish your first post, OR you’re scared as hell because you don’t even know where to start. Am I right so far? Most likely.


So, you’re ready to start your new blogging journey…

I’m sure you’ve been on Google, Pinterest, in FB groups or surfing from blog to blog trying to find ways on how to start blogging and where to begin. It can be total CONFUSION! I mean, you’re searching and searching and when you’re ready to give up, you finally found a course or ebook that you just KNOW will solve all of your beginner blogger problems.


Scrolling the sales page, seeing all of the testimonials of bloggers who were in your exact position, and it starts to call out to you. You’re trying to achieve everything they’re promising their product can deliver so you click the buy now button. You’ve got your credit card out, excited because you found something to help you start blogging and boom. Heart just drops all of a sudden because you’ve realized you can’t afford it.


Disappointment sets in….

Man, I can’t tell you how many times that’s happened to me. Had me all excited for no reason right? Might even have you feeling a little defeated after doing all that searching. Terrible. What I can say is don’t get defeated. I almost gave up before I started, but I was too determined to start and I wasn’t going to let one small disappointment keep me from doing something I eventually grew to love and I don’t want that for you either.


The answer to your newbie prayers!


I vowed to reach out to as many newbie bloggers as I could and help them grow their blog from scratch and eventually turn it into a business. I put together a list of the top eleven affordable resources for newbie bloggers. These are the exact same resources I still use to run my business so I know that they will help you as well.


From learning the basics of setting up a successful blog from scratch, learning how to leverage the greatest platform to drive traffic to your blog, start and grow your email list, using and creating beautiful graphics for your blog and learning how to earn an income from blogging, you couldn’t ask for better resources that fit your beginner blogging budget. Just because you’re a newbie, doesn’t mean you have to break the bank. You can still have the same advantages as the other bloggers.

This list is a mix of free and paid resources from a few of the top successful bloggers known in the blogger world. I am an affiliate of these products. If you decide to purchase through the links provided, I earn a small commission at absolutely NO extra cost to you.


Here are the:

Top 11 affordable Resources for the blogging newbie!


Ready to start blogging, but don't know where to begin? Beginner Blogger Bootcamp is the beginner's guide to starting and monetizing your new blog from scratch!

1. Beginner Blogger Bootcamp

by Krista Dickson


Beginner Blogger Bootcamp is a free course that will walk you through the proper steps of setting and running a successful blogging business from scratch! From learning the 3 major beginner mistakes to avoid, learning different ways on how to create addictive content your audience will love and different strategies on how to start earning money from your blog right from the start, this free resource has it all. Click here to get started!


Ready to turn your blog into a biz? Learn all the rules and regulations with this FREE email course! Protect your business now!

2. Legalize Your Blog

by Jackie Jade


Just like every business, whether online or physically, there are laws to follow. Because our business is online, there a special set of laws to follow and who to learn this from other than a licensed attorney for over 10 years? Jackie blogs over at Jade and Oak where her sole purpose is to help protect bloggers, entrepreneurs, and small business owners run their business legally without penalty. She teaches you everything you need to know to successfully run your blog business legally right from the beginning. Jump into this pool of knowledge and protect yourself and your business legally from the beginning!



Trying to leverage the golden nugget of traffic from Pinterest nowadays is very confusing. Learn how to finally take the mystery out of Pinterest with Pinterest Unpuzzled

3. Pinterest Unpuzzled

by Eden Fried


You’re going to hear over and over again that the best platform to gain for your blog is from Pinterest and everyone is right. Pinterest is the absolute GOLDMINE of driving an infinite amount of traffic to your new blog, but it can also be very confusing.

Eden went without having a Pinterest account for 6 months, but what makes her qualified to teach is the fact that within 8 week’s time, she was able to gain over 800 followers which caused a major traffic surge in traffic! Learn how to leverage Pinterest traffic straight out the gate! What are you waiting for? Clock’s ticking. Let’s get started by going here!



Tired of your blogging graphics looking dull and unattractive? Learn how to use the free software, Canva, and make gorgeous blogging images that will force your audience to click!

4. Canva for Entrepreneurs

by Kate Danielle


In order to drive traffic to your blog from Pinterest, you’re going to need beautiful graphics to guide your audience on Pinterest to your blog. Most people think you have to have the most extravagant and expensive software to create these graphics, but Kate proves you all the way wrong. Canva is a FREE graphic design software that she uses to create all of her pin images and they look exactly like the ones you yourself drool over. Start designing your next pin with Canva!



Are you a mom blogger or have another job and don't have the time to create your own blog graphics, but also can't afford to receive gorgeous feminine stock photos monthly? Don't sweat it. Ivorymix provides the most feminine and beautiful stock photos that won't break the bank!

5. Ivorymix Stock Photo Membership

by Kayla Marie


Are you a busy mom or have another job and just don’t have the time to blog the way you want let alone design your own graphics, but you also don’t have the money to buy those gorgeous stock photos you see all the other bloggers using? Don’t sweat it, babe! Ivorymix has the solution for you with her beautiful, feminine-styled stock photo membership.

For $20 every 2 months, you’ll receive instant access to over 300+ photos plus over 50 new photos added every month! She created the 2-month trial membership because she knows how it can be trying to find affordable stock photos without breaking the bank. Sign up now!



It's all in the email list! Don't know how to start collecting emails? Don't fret! Learn Monica's strategies on how to grow your email list!

6. Convertkit Masterclass 101

by Monica Froese


Now one of the main rules as a blogger is no matter what, you MUST HAVE AN EMAIL LIST! Your email list is the backbone of your blog and it’s success. Why? Because if social media was to just disappear tomorrow, you’ll always have your email list to fall back on. Monica grew her email list from 0-14k in under a year. 9 months if you want to be exact.

In this course, she explains exactly why it’s important to have an email list and she teaches you her exact strategies as to how she grew her email list. The best part? She provided us with her FREE swipe file of the EXACT welcome series she used to help grow her blog! Enroll now and start building your email list. Don’t forget to grab your free swipe file here.



Are you ready to monetize with affiliate marketing, but don't know how to get started? This course will teach you the ABCs of affiliate marketing and how you can start making money with your blog today!

7. Become an Affiliate Blogger

by Tia Mac (ME!)


Let’s be honest; most of us started blogging because we’ve heard that we can make an income from home in our pjs. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that because it is absolutely possible to do so. Even right from the beginning when you first start blogging! Many will tell you the best way to earn an income, other than creating and selling your own products, is through affiliate marketing.

In my course, I teach everything from A-Z on how to start monetizing your blog with affiliate marketing and what strategies I used to earn $500 in under 3 months of blogging. Whether you’re starting with a brand new blog, you’ve been blogging for awhile and ready to start making money, or you just need a refresher course. Become an Affiliate Blogger has got your back! Click here to learn how to start making money today!

*BONUS* If you send proof of purchase for the course, I’ll send you a copy of my ebook, Easy E-Book Evolution, for over 50% off! Just email your receipt


In order to make money bloging, you have to take your customer through a journey called a sales funnel. Elise got you covered in this free email course on how to build your first or next successful sales funnel!

8.Build a Profitable Sales Funnel

by Elise McDowell


When it comes to earning an income with your blog, you’re going to hear a lot about funnels. A funnel is a journey you take your customers on by providing them with helpful, informational, actionable tips and tricks on a certain topic they need to know about to help them grow. If you have no idea on how to even begin with a sales funnel, Elise is the woman to talk to.

Her first funnel earned her over $500 instantly in affiliate marketing! The best part is she’s sharing some of those exact strategies in this free email course. I, personally, still go back to these emails when I’m creating a new funnel to make sure I cover all of my bases. Combine this with the Become an Affiliate Blogger course and you’re almost guaranteed to start making money in no time! Head on over and check it out here!



Always wondered how you can make money using Pinterest? Monica teaches you her most profitable strategy she uses to make thousands of dollars using Pinterest!

9. Pin Practical Funneling

by Monica Froese

$0 (limited time offer)

Did you know an easy way to make money is on Pinterest? It’s not just for traffic and who better to teach you how other than Monica? She earns thousands of dollars with Pinterest because she set up a Pinterest funnel. It turns her Pinterest visitors into paying customers!

This is one of her brand new courses that she’s offering FREE for a limited time. Even if you don’t have your blog up and running yet, go enroll now while it’s still free. You can always come back to it when you’re ready. And in true Monica fashion, there is ALWAYS  free gift. She is offering a FREE spreadsheet of over 750+ Pinterest groups organized by niche that you can join now! Starting to love her now, aren’t you? Grab your spreadsheet here so you can start joining Pinterest groups now.



Are you struggling with leveraging blog traffic? Grab your copy of this ebook to gain traffic to your blog from multiple platforms!

The She Approach to Boosting Your Traffic

by Ana S.


We’ve talked about the golden nugget of gaining traffic to your blog, but don’t sleep on the other social media platforms. Being able to master more than one platform for driving traffic to your blog can not only surge your traffic, but boost your sales and income as well! This ebook presents Ana’s tried and true strategies of how she leveraged over 4 different social platforms traffic to her blog. Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, etc. You name it, she covers it! I’m reading as we speak to see how I can gain some LinkedIn visitors. Grab your copy here. She’s also running a special so try to grab it while you can!



Running a business can be really stressful at times, but we have to keep a positive mindset. Kathrin's free resource library gives you free resources on how to keep your mind free of stress and filled with positivity to help you have a successful life and business you've always dreamed!

11. Manifestation Babe

by Kathrin Zenkina



I’m letting you know now that blogging is very serious. Especially if you plan on turning this into a business. There will be ups, downs, tears, and moments you’re going to want to pull all of your hair out! I even went through a small depression in the beginning. It’s no joke, but no matter what happens, you have to keep pushing! You HAVE to dry those tears, pick your head up and keep it moving because we are not quitters. We’re survivors. Keep a positive mindset.

Kathrin is a mindset coach that helps you create the life and business you’ve always wanted. If you want your blog to grow and be successful, it all starts with YOUR mindset. During my mini depression stage, I stumbled upon Kathrin’s Manifestation Babe website and Facebook group (join here) and it completely changed how I went about my business.

As soon as I got access to her free resource library and putting those free practices to work, I started getting email notifications of my affiliate sales. If it’s something you’re interested in, go ahead and take a peek!


WHOO! That was a lot huh? Sorry!

There you have it! The top 11 affordable blogging resources for the blogging newbie! Like I said, I still go back every day and use these same resources to figure new ways to grow my business every day. Do you have any resources you’ve stumbled across that you’d like to suggest for me to check out? I love finding new ways to grow my business. Comment below! Thanks for reading!!!


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