How to Gain Pinterest Traffic to Your Blog

Are YOU Ready to DOMINATE Pinterest?

I was just like you a few days ago. Lost about how to tame the secret algorithm of how to gain Pinterest traffic like everyone else. The frustration, doubt, and annoyance of why I couldn’t figure out what I was doing wrong.

There were times where I wanted to just give up. Only rely on my Facebook traffic, but something wouldn’t let me. There’s no quitting in my blood so I kept pushing. The obsession to learn more amped itself up.

The determination to keep going sparked and it led me to this:


EXPLODE Blog Traffic Using Pinterest’s #1 Tool, BoardBooster!

Ready to DOMINATE Pinterest?

Ah, the joys of Pinterest. Ever just scroll on Pinterest about tips and tricks for blogging? All of a sudden, there are those pins about how your favorite bloggers get a certain percentage of traffic and page views from Pinterest. Eden Fried revealed in her GENIUS blogging course, Bread and Butter Blogging35% of her traffic came from Pinterest and Kate from Layered Indulgence’s blog post, How to Use Pinterest to Grow Your Bloggrew her page views by 710,000 in February using Pinterest. I can tell you one of the keys to Pinterest is using a scheduler to schedule your pins. Scheduling your pins is a COMPLETE time saver and will help in the process of blog traffic. Which is the best scheduler?